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Inspired by my aunt, who was an artist in her own right, and in response to the everyday surreal, I make collages that unify disparate themes:

technological and organic,

antique and modern,

humorous and sobering.

I'm driven by questions...

(note: Jewish tradition.)

(note: progressive education.)

(note: tendency to overthink.)


How can my art benefit the planet? This is one small way to reuse discarded materials. The materials I use are most often paper, marker, pens, and watercolors.

What solution hasn't been thought of yet? Can I create original work from elements and techniques that already exist? My process as a visual artist is similar to my process as an actor when approaching a script, every intention or composition is influenced by the impulses and unexpected challenges that appear moment-to-moment throughout the process of creation .

How am I impacted by someone I've never met? Can my intention shape my environment or my future? 

By radically transforming visual narratives of the past, I can imbue or confiscate power. I can cause or rectify chaos. By collaging, I practice eking out connection and meaning from random, infinite possibilities - a useful skill for my twenties. 

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